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Senior Health Nurse Practitioner

Elliot’s Senior Health Geriatric Healthcare team is looking for a caring, compassionate and experienced senior health nurse practitioner to work in one of greater Manchester’s long-term care/rehab facilities.

In this role, you will work with a collaborative team of Geriatricians and APRNs along with a supportive and integrated healthcare team of nurses, medical assistants, a clinical pharmacist, and social workers in order to care for our geriatric patients.

The chosen candidate will provide direct care to patients along the wellness spectrum by performing advanced assessment, diagnosis, prescribing, selecting, administering, and providing therapeutic measures and treatment regimes to patients with undifferentiated symptoms as well as those with established diagnoses.

The APRN is accountable for recognizing the limits of his/her knowledge and experience and for planning the management of situations beyond APRN expertise by consulting with or referring patients to other health providers as appropriate. Promotes professional growth through mentoring of new staff or students as well as for interpreting the role of the nurse practitioner to individuals, families, and other professionals.

In this role you, the APRN will demonstrate a high ethical standard and abides by all current legal standards as advocates for their patient(s). APRN’s promote advocacy activities that support their patients at the practice, hospital, community, state, or national level.

The chosen candidate should strive to continuously improve the quality of his/her patient care by developing, participating, disseminating, or interpreting current clinical research evidence and quality improvement data into practice at the local, community, state, or national level.

Knowledge of how to obtain consultation, plan, and implement collaborative management, referring, or transferring the care of the patient as appropriate. Ability to maintain accurate, legible, timely, and confidential patient records.

Qualified applicants must hold a graduate degree earned in an accredited advanced practice registered nurse education program or have graduated before July 1, 2004 from an APRN education program accredited by a national accrediting body. Candidates shall possess at least 2 years’ experience as an advanced practice nurse. Additional education and experience may be necessary according to the specified role intended for the APRN practice area and may be added in an addendum.

Candidates must be currently certified by national certifying body in the specialty for which the applicant was educated that is recognized by the New Hampshire State Board of Nursing. Currently hold an maintain an RN and APRN license to practice in the state of New Hampshire or be eligible to obtain such license prior to date of hire.

To apply, email James Campbell at: or online at You can interact with us socially at or on Twitter @ElliotPhysician.

We are an equal opportunity employer embracing the strength that diversity brings to the workplace. We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for employees of all ethnic backgrounds, cultures, ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.

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