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New Hampshire

Whether you are looking to make a change in your career or trying to find your first practice, New Hampshire is an ideal place for your physician job search. The state is located in the heart of the New England region and offers a wide variety of benefits to its residents, from its bustling seaport to excellent public and private schools, community hospitals, and reasonable home prices. Many medical professionals who have grown up or completed their schooling in New Hampshire enjoy their time in this wonderful area and ultimately decide to stay. From its four beautiful seasons to the many natural treasures and overall high quality of life, the Granite State is one of the best places in the United States for taking the next step in your medical career.

A State with History
New Hampshire was founded as one of the original colonies in 1629 and has been historically relevant ever since. It was one of the first states to resist British rule, support abolitionists in the 1800s, and welcome early industrialization through the textile industry. In the last 20 years, high-tech industries have grown leaps and bounds creating new opportunities for residents and career-minded individuals. Along with New Hampshire, the other states that comprise New England are Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In terms of physician job search potential, both New Hampshire and the New England area at large have growing opportunities for hospitals, private medical practices, and rural health centers.
A Land of Opportunities
The Granite State is regularly rated as one of the Most Livable, Healthiest, and Safest states in national livability indexes. With the addition of reduced traffic, shorter commutes, and easy access to major travel hubs like the Greater Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, residents are able to maintain well-balanced life easily. Wherever you live in the state, there are unlimited recreational opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and skiing, which leaves you with the feeling that wonder can be found in your own backyard! At the same time, low crime and tax rates, high graduation and income rates, and better overall family well-being ensures an exceptional work-life balance.

Best in the Nation
On top of its unique history and growing opportunities, New Hampshire’s vibrant economy ranks well above the rest of the country. Increasing employment and education opportunities, in particular, have made the state a hot spot for young professionals and high tech workers. Simultaneously, education and health services fields have grown, with the largest increases in healthcare-related education fields. New Hampshire is home to 26 separate universities that consistantly lead efforts to improve technology and the sciences, including the renowned research universities of Dartmouth College and University of New Hampshire. The Granite State is a leader for the country when it comes to highly skilled workers, low unemployment, and overall potential for the future.

Altogether, future potential, national rankings, and a unique history make New Hampshire an extraordinary and beautiful place to stay, work, and play. In terms of a physician job search in the state, be sure to consider resources designed especially for medical professionals. For example, the nonprofit New Hampshire Medical Society has been supporting and advocating for the medical profession and health-related rights for over two centuries. Similarly, the New Hampshire Board of Medicine provides important resources for maintaining medical practice and receiving nationally recognized licenses. With continuing growth in related fields, now more than ever, it is time to explore what New Hampshire has to offer.

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Why You Should Practice Medicine in Southern New Hampshire

Manchester NH

Making the most of your physician job search is essential to ensuring a happy, productive future. As a practicing physician, you have a unique opportunity to pick and choose the locale that best suits you and your family. New Hampshire is one of the most desirable places to live in the US, and Southern New Hampshire could be the perfect place to practice medicine and raise your family. There are excellent schools, all-season attractions, and, perhaps best of all, no state income tax!

Things to Do

New Hampshire is rife with opportunities for family fun and adventure. From taking in the incomparable fall foliage, to basking on the beautiful beaches, there are activities for every season and every taste.

  • There are four dozen mountains in the state that have an elevation of 4,000 feet or greater, making hiking one of the best activities of the warmer (and cooler) months. You can even climb Mount Washington and have an unobstructed view of three surrounding states, along with Canada!
  • Visit a museum and learn something new, no matter the weather or season! In the Manchester area, you’ll find the Currier Museum of Art, the SEE Science Center, Millyard Museum and much more.
  • If you’re in the mood for a concert or ball game, you can nearly always find something going on at the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium or the Verizon Wireless Arena, where there are concerts and sports offerings during the warmer months.
  • Winter offerings aren’t lacking, either, with abundant snowmobile trails, skiing and several winter- and holiday-themed attractions.

Places to Go

By traveling just one hour from the thriving, metropolitan Manchester area, you can be in one of several new environments, like Boston, the Atlantic coast, and the White Mountain region, each with their own unique offerings. It’s easy to get where you need to go, too, with the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport nearby.

Jobs to See

There’s more to southern New Hampshire than just a great place to live, though. Your physician job search will show that it’s also home to Elliot Hospital, boasting a Level II Trauma Center and a 264-bed facility for acute care. Elliot Health System is thriving, with an increasingly diverse patient population, system-wide electronic medical records, and assistance for your relocation. When combined with all New Hampshire offers, it’s easy to see why Elliot Health Systems is a top choice for accomplished physicians.

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