3 Uplifting Physician News Stories to Brighten Your Day

Physician News

Physicians are at the forefront of many types of battles on an ongoing basis, but not enough credit is given to them. Here are three uplifting and inspirational physician news stories to brighten your day.

Female Physician Wins Gold Medal in 2016 Summer Olympics

As if it weren’t enough of an accomplishment for a woman to raise herself out of poverty to become a physician in Argentina, Dr. Paula Pareto just won a gold medal for championship judoka at the 2016 Summer Olympics. When she was studying to become a physician, Dr. Pareto had to travel three hours on a bus each way from her hometown to La Plata, the location of her training. The diminutive physician worked while going to school, which delayed her graduation, but she never lost sight of her dream to become a doctor. Now, with a gold medal under her belt, there’s no telling what her next goal will be, but chances are she will make it happen.

Australian Physician Takes a New Approach to Treating Indigenous Patients

Dr. Wayne Herdy of the Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association has always been a beloved physician, dedicating his practice to the needs of Aboriginal communities. Now, he is opening up a center in a new location, but with a different slant. He plans to make it less like a cold, sterile environment, and more like a place where the community can come and enjoy coffee and conversation along with their medical care. As he sees it, it will be a friendly refuge from the often harsh environment of the outback.

Skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon Saves Surfer’s Arm From Almost Certain Amputation

Grateful surfer Ryan Boarman and his father, Dr. Boarman, tell the story of how a skilled orthopaedic surgeon saved Ryan’s arm after he was attacked by a shark in the waters off Bali. The Singaporean surgeon, Dr. Kim Yeow Wai, took over after Ryan was transported to the Singapore’s Raffles Hospital. The injury was incredibly severe. The laceration from the shark bite encompassed a 360-degree measurement around the elbow. The shark bit multiple times, tearing and pulling away eight muscles and tendons, as well as injuring a nerve and a ligament. Dr. Wai’s surgery was so effective, it’s not expected that Ryan will need anymore surgeries on the arm.

These physician news stories are certainly inspirational, but there are many more untold stories that happen in ERs and clinics around the world. Start your own inspirational journey with Elliot Health System today.

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