5 Best iPad Apps for Physicians

best iPad apps for physicians

There is no denying that mobile technology has changed the way business is done in the world of healthcare, and continues to do so at a rapid pace – particularly for physicians on many levels, from education to reference to visual aid to personal health monitoring. Nowadays, you are able to make an appointment, fill a prescription, search through a database, tour a hospital virtually, keep in touch with friends and family, order delivery and much, much more, all with just a few flicks on a screen! The same ease of use we are all becoming accustomed to is also extending to doctors and patients inside hospitals. For example, one of the more popular uses of mobile devices is as a patient education tool.

But, there are a ton of apps out there, medical and otherwise. So, how do you know which ones are worth downloading and using, as a physician? We have put together a list of the 5 best iPad apps for physicians. Check it out!

The Top Five Medical iPad Apps for Physicians 

  1. My Chart Bedside – FREE ios ANDROID. My Chart Bedside is a useful tool for those who may need help getting their point across. This app gives doctors an effective way to communicate with their patients and also provides useful information regarding their care plan. This allows patients to feel more involved in their care. According to Physician’s Practice, “If you are working with a customer who is a little more educated on what you are trying to help them with, obviously it helps the process along. Patients are able to ask questions that they didn’t necessarily have the information to ask, in the past.
  2. Medicode – FREE ios ANDROID. This very handy app for the iPhone and iPad is a life support reference tool that you simply must download and utilize if you are a physician, because you will never be left without a digital backup of your important printed-paper resources. According to Practice Link, the Medicode app: “presents information as an overview of an entire algorithm or as a step-by-step walk through in using the algorithm in an emergency.”
  3. drawMD – FREE ios ANDROID. According to imedicalapps drawMD, “uses your mobile device to enhance doctor-patient communication by offering interactive visual guides as a new tool for explaining complex issues and possible medical and surgical solutions.”
  4. BlackBag Medical Resources – FREE ios .Medical news, tools, and resources for health professionals across multiple specialties and therapeutic areas – what’s not to like? This is a “handy app,” says the American Pharmacists Association
  5. Lexi-Comp. This is the only app on the list you will have to pay for. But, it’s worth it. This is a suite of mobile app databases, available only if you have an iPad. According to Lexi-Comp,“the databases and packages feature multiple indexes to expedite searching searching and advanced navigation to save valuable time. Updates to our content are available daily, so you always have timely clinical content at your fingertips.”

What sorts of iPad applications are you using as a physician? What sort of technology do you wish you could find? Elliot Health System is always looking to learn more about what physicians need from technology in and outside of the workplace! Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter today!

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