5 Ways to Impress Recruiters at a Physician Job Interview

Impress Recruiters at a Physician Job Interview

An impressive resume may get you in the door for your dream job, but you’ll still have to ace the physician job interview. The best first step is to list out your ideal position pay, benefits, location, practice type, patient load, and philosophy. From there, using the following tips will help you demonstrate that your skills and experiences make you an ideal fit for the given hospital or medical facility.


Many candidates assume their resumes speak for themselves, but interviews give potential employers a sense of who you are off the page. So, as The New England Journal of Medicine pointed out, you should prepare well ahead of time in order to ensure that you portray yourself effectively. Showing up early and talking with office staff or noting interesting photos or honors will help spark conversations later. Both show initiative and engagement, and you can also take that extra time to review your resume and rehearse responses.

Be Consistent

In order to learn more about you recruiters tend to utilize performance-based and behavioral questions, like those provided by CompHealth. Employers hope to see whether you have the compassion and quick-thinking skills to handle working in their facilities. At the same time, any inconsistencies between your interview and your resume can lead to questions about your suitability for the position. So, be sure to regularly update your CV and proofread it before submitting. Then, during your interview, keep a copy on hand for your own reference.

Speak Honestly

You should also answer questions honestly during the physician job interview. Admit when you don’t the answer, and use it as an opportunity to explain your beliefs or highlight your background. Interviewers may ask a variety of tricky questions, as Health eCareers noted, but those about past work experiences are especially difficult. You should avoid badmouthing previous employers and instead use such questions to describe specific difficulties and how you overcame them – showcasing your skills and abilities instead.

Dress Respectably

Interviewees should dress professionally, as noted by the American College of Physicians. Avoid busy, tight, or revealing clothes – as they can lead to questions about credibility. Other guidelines include:

  • Business suits, with skirt and/or tie
  • Neatly trimmed or styled hair to avoid distraction
  • Subtle make-up, with any visible tattoos covered
  • Well-trimmed nails with no wild nail polish
  • Little to no jewelry, generally limited to one ring and non-dangling earrings

It is also important to handle yourself respectfully; be polite, smile, look the interviewer in the eyes, and shake hands firmly. For group interviews, scan the room, holding eye contact as you speak.

Ask Questions

One of the most important ways to impress your interviewer is to ask the right questions, as a recent article in Medscape pointed out. To start, research each facility so that you can craft informed responses to questions about your fit with their mission, goals, etc. Then, create a list of potential questions, and use them to show your interest in joining each institution’s team. You could even focus on the top three reasons that physicians leave positions, namely culture, group decision-making, and supervisor attitudes and expectations.

Knowing what you want from your future position is essential to succeeding at the physician job interview and overall search. However, you should also remember that medical facilities are not looking for the ‘best’ physician – but for the one that best aligns with their institution and culture. You can always boost your odds by sending a thank-you letter, though, usually within 2 business days of your interview, as this shows your continued interest in the position.

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