Everything You Need to Know About the MC-FP Exam

Everything You Need to Know About the MC-FP Exam

The American Board of Family Medicine requires physicians to take the MC-FP Exam to be recertified or for your initial certification. The family medicine board certification requirements can be made into a checklist for your medical license that must be unrestricted to practice in Canada or the United States. The compliance documents for the physician’s professional role and their license to practice medicine are documents that must be submitted.  

In order to be ready, you should prepare in advance for an all-day affair of sitting and answering questions on a computer. 

The MC-FP Examination
* No score will be given on the 20 field questions. 
* Section 1 is two hours with 120 multiple choice questions.
* A 15-minute break is allowed. 
* Section 2 and 3 are Module exams and both are 45 minutes in length with multiple choice questions.
* The 70-minute break is allowed.

You should take the break because a few deep breaths, getting something cool to drink and let your brain relax with re-energize the mind.

* Section 4 consists of 80 multiple choice questions and is 95 minutes in length.
* The break time is 15 minutes.
* Section 5 has 80 multiple choice questions and is 95 minutes in length.
Be careful when you select a module. It cannot be changed after it has been confirmed. When the exam has reached its time limit that exam has ended. If you fail, you have to remain qualified to retake the exam. There is no limit on how many times you can retake the exam.

The family medicine board certification requirements have a list of every type of physical malady you will come in contact with during your practice.

The Self Assessment Module Requirements
* The Part II module earns 15 points.
* Completing 3 modules will give you the 50 points required. 
* The  Knowledge Assessment and a Clinical Simulation has 60 questions. 
*The required credits of Continuing Medical Education or CME

Part II Module  
* Knowledge Assessment and a Clinical Simulation with 60 questions on a selected topic. You have to answer 80% of the questions correctly and then the module must be completed within a year.
Part II Alternative Modules that can be completed to count toward the 50 points. 
* Patient Centered Medical Home 10 points 
* Health Literacy Module 10 points

Part III
* You passed the MC-FP examination.

Part IV Modules
* Performance in Practice or PPM
* Methods in Medicine Module or MIMM is for physicians who don’t participate with “hands on” patient care or work in the administrative capacity.

The Part IV module needs one part of each stage to be completed successfully. Part IV alternative modules that can be completed to count toward the 50 points.

MC-FP Entry Fees For The Modules
* Payment is due at the start of each module.
* The modules that are completed before starting the Entry Cycle Process will be forfeited.
* Part II modules must be completed within one year. Incomplete modules can be rescheduled or a different module can be chosen. 
* Fees for modules not taken will be refunded.
* You will receive 15 CME credits for completing each module. 

The family medicine board certification requirements apply to physicians in the military, the Coast Guard, Police departments, private practice and agencies that employ a doctor.

Congratulations! You have taken the Maintenance of Certification Program for Family Physicians or MC-FP exam and maintained your license to practice medicine. 

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