How to Succeed in a Provider Job Search this Season

Provider Job Search

There are few careers more respected and fulfilling than one in the medical field. Whether you are a family doctor, a specialist, a physician’s assistant, a nurse practitioner or any of the wide variety of other jobs available in health care, you possess a skill set that is sought after by many. But how do you identify the medical facilities, organizations or practices that you want to work for or that may be searching for you? What should you know if you are currently engaged in a provider job search?

The first issue to be addressed is why you are conducting this provider job search. Are you currently unemployed or underemployed? Are you unhappy in your current position or simply testing the waters for the purposes of comparing wage and benefits for your next performance evaluation discussion about a wage increase? Perhaps you’re interested in advancement and find that your present employment situation prevents you from doing so.

Your answer to the above has the potential to impact your job search in several ways, not the least of which is how open you can be about that search. The less you want your current employer to know you are seeking a change, the more discretion you will need to exercise. Unfortunate as it may be, you should think carefully before you share your plans with any of your coworkers. The less others know, the less chance of someone accidentally publicizing your decision before you are ready to announce it yourself.

Once you have determined the purpose of your provider job search, the following steps will enhance your effort:

1. Review and revise your CV.

As the saying goes, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Because your CV serves as that first impression during your provider job search, you must be absolutely certain that it is up-to-date, well-formatted and 100% error free. Have it reviewed by a medical professional you trust, preferably one involved in hiring.

2. Confirm your references and their contact information.

Ensure that those who have previously agreed to vouch you will continue to do so and that they are where you think they are. A resume with outdated references will be seen as a sign of a lazy or disorganized mind.

3. Network. Network. Network.

Even if you hate the thought of networking, connecting with those in your contacts list is essential. People in an individual’s personal and professional circles can become the source of leads, referrals and other information relevant to a provider job search.

4. Research your targets.

Once you have identified the direction in which you want to take your search, do some due diligence not only on prospective employers but also on their locale. Check with your network to see if anyone you know knows someone at the prospective employer. Conduct an online search of the employer, its place in the area of specialty, if any, and how it fits into the community in which it is located. As well, find out all you can about the organization’s key personnel including, if at all possible, the person tasked with hiring for the position you are seeking.

5. Don’t procrastinate.

Don’t put off updating your CV, solidifying your network, or doing whatever other legwork is necessary to carry out an effective provider job search. You won’t know whether what you did is too late until it is.

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