Internal Medicine Tools for the Savvy Physician

Internal Medicine Tools

There are a number of valuable internal medicine tools for physicians that can streamline your business practices while maximizing your productivity and earnings, many of which are ACP (advance care planning) softwares or diagnosis tools for major illnesses. Many of these apps have been rated highly according to GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation) standards, which determine their overall influence on the outcomes of cases and patient record availability. Listed below are a few of the best internal medicine tools on the market today.

GRADEpro GDT is a user friendly, universal web-based option for outlining and supplying information that assists you in making diagnoses and formulating treatment plans. It builds compact summary charts for organized reviews and healthcare examinations, in addition to effecting the establishment of medical practice regulations and other files that make public health policy recommendations. This internal medicine tool allows you to easily monitor the entire procedure of developing treatment plans.

It allows you to handle your tasks as a group with the identification and management of possible conflicts of interest, the creation of your project’s scope, the creation and organization of questions or lists that identify outcomes of interest and rates their values, and the preparation of evidence profiles according to the GRADE Evidence to Decision platform. It also backs up all of your computer work on a secure web-based storage server, enabling you to communicate your findings to your team and to work together on the case from anywhere on earth. 

Essential Evidence Plus
EE+ is a highly effective and complete medical diagnosis system that works data from 9,000 diagnoses into your own medical workflows. This ingenious physician’s application contains more than 13,000 topics, regulations, abstracts, tools, pictures, and diagnoses that cover the most prevalent ailments, diseases, and surgical procedures that physicians encounter on a daily basis.

All recommendations carry an evidence rating that appropriately grades their value based on all evidence found in any pertinent records. On top of that, EE+ is closely connected to Cochrane Systematic Review abstracts, in addition to the complete text of these reviews with a Cochrane Library membership, which ensures that you have permanent access to the best quality evidence-supported medical information in existence. 

ACP Practice Advisor
ACP Practice Advisor is a series of modules that addresses certain aspects of medical practice, including providing patient background information. The Practice Biopsy is a self-assessment tool which sets up a baseline score in assessing all ACP Practice Advisor users. Your staff members may work on the Practice Biopsies independently or in small clusters, at any time and in any sequence. The tool creates a case study for each practice as it finishes the ACP Practice Biopsy and effects adjustments based on the provided resources.

It has record-keeping features to help monitor the progress of each project as time passes, recognizing possibilities for improvement by comparing your clinic to others. Its virtual resource library integrates books, articles, videos, tutorials, easy-to-download guides, policy templates, and an assortment of apps from every module into a browsable compendium. 

Other Internal Medicine Tools
Aside from the above-listed resources, there are a number of additional internal medicine tools and apps that simplify the complex process of diagnosing and treating patients. A few of these popular and efficacious internal medicine tools are the RPA Advance Planning Tool, the ACP Decisions app, the palliAGED Decision Assist tool, INTERACT tools and templates, and the Consumer Toolkit for Healthcare Advance Planning offered by the American Bar Association.

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