Making an Impact on Children – Why Pediatricians Are So Important


If children are fortunate, they have an array of people in their lives who care deeply about their well being. If they are very fortunate, they also have a pediatrician. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 4 million babies are born in the United States each year. Each newborn represents an opportunity to achieve wonderful things as well as the country’s hope for a brighter future. 

Of course health and wellness are critically important to a child’s ability to achieve wonderful things and build a bright future–and that’s where pediatricians come in to play. 

Here’s a look at why pediatricians are so incredibly important to children and the country alike:

Primary Care

Parents can’t do it alone. Sure, they can treat and take care of minor cuts, coughs and colds, but what about more complex illnesses, infections and injuries? And who is going to give physical exams to ensure children are developing properly? Primary care requires the partnership of a pediatrician. 

Even the smallest scrapes and bruises can send a parent into a panic. Knowing they have a well-trained, trusted pediatrician they can call on for everyday illnesses and injuries takes away some of the stress associated with raising children. 


In a world where inaccurate information is only a mouse click away, pediatricians have never been more important. 

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, more than 70 percent of internet users said they looked online for medical or health information in 2012. Given the explosion of both internet users and websites claiming to be sources of reliable medical information, that percentage has surly grown over the past four years.

That’s a problem for parents, who can have a difficult time determining what information is accurate and which isn’t. From information about vaccinations to food allergies to treatments for the common cold, parents need a steady, reliable source for healthcare information.

Thankfully, there are pediatricians to fill that role. They provide information about health, safety, nutrition, fitness needs and development. But they also educate parents about how to prevent illnesses and explain clear, accurate and actionable information about treatment options when necessary. 

Early Intervention

Pediatricians are on the front lines in the battle against autism, obesity, behavioral disorders, emotional issues and all of the other emerging public health concerns affecting adolescents in America today. 

Well-child visits offer excellent opportunities for pediatricians to screen for and diagnose diseases and developmental early, which is critically important to preventing or delaying associated problems. 

Early intervention enhances the quality of kids’ lives by making sure they are able to learn and grow–to the best of their abilities–into healthy, educated teens, young adults and adults.  

This not only benefits the children and their parents, but society as a whole because kids who are healthy and able to learn are more likely to become productive adults. 


Caring for children is a pediatrician’s role in society, but what most people don’t realize is that caring involves more than healthcare. The pediatrician’s role often extend’s into advocacy

Children are among society’s most vulnerable, and they need people in their lives who are willing to advocate on their behalf. 

Without pediatricians, many more parents might ignore scientific research and make healthcare decisions that put both their children and entire communities at risk. Elected officials would be more likely to pass legislation that does more harm than good. It would take longer for emerging public health concerns to be addressed. And the kids who need an advocate the most would have one less caring person in their corner. 

Thank you pediatricians. Your contribution to the world is truly incredible. 

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