Pediatric Certification Requirements – What You Need to Know

Pediatric Certification Requirements

Becoming board certified will demonstrate your commitment as a physician, to continually expand your knowledge and expertise in your chosen specialty. Certification involves a formidable process of testing, as well as evaluation by your peers in pediatrics. Before you are eligible to become a board certified pediatrician, the following pediatric certification requirements must be satisfied. 

  • You must graduate from a medical school that is accredited in the United States, Canada or a World Health Organization recognized foreign medical school. 
  • Three years of residency training in pediatrics must be completed and verified. 
  • You must have an unrestricted state medical license. 

Each of these requirements will be source verified and confirmed by the certification board of the American Board of Pediatrics. Your program director plays an important role in your application process by giving his or her assurance that you meet the standards that are expected of a board certified pediatrician. 

Once the application is completed and all documentation and recommendations have been received, applications are thoroughly evaluated before a physician will be allowed to take the exam. When these conditions have been met and your application has been approved, you will be able to sit for the board certification exam. 

What is board certification?

Board certification is a voluntary process. Once you finish your residency, you have a certain length of time to pass the certification exam. Applications (available online) to take the pediatric board certification exam are accepted only during specified registration periods. Registration fees must accompany your application. 

The test is usually offered only once per year – in the fall. It is a one day test and includes four sessions with optional breaks between each section. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions – with a single best answer. The exam is seven hours in length. Check out the online tutorial available through the American Board of Pediatrics website. 

The pediatric board certification exams are copyrighted and held at secure, computer testing center locations – they are proctored by professionals. 

You are encouraged to use study materials that are directed towards the pediatric board certification exam, however they are not through American Academy of Pediatrics

How the test is scored?

The exam score is based on how many questions you answer correctly. No points are deducted for incorrect answers. The test scale ranges from 1 to 300 – with 180 the passing score. The score is scaled for reporting purposes, there are many versions of the exam. 

How long is the wait for results?

Your exam score will be posted on your online portfolio within approximately 60 days following your test. You can expect your long awaited certificate to be mailed to you in approximately four months. 

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