Physician Relocation – How to Make it Easy

Physician Relocation Process

You’ve done all of the research, considered every option, and now you’ve decided that Elliot Health System is definitely the right choice for the next move in your career as a physician. Congratulations! You are now an important part of the largest complete healthcare system in Southern New Hampshire, with a Mission and Vision to INSPIRE wellness, HEAL our patients, and SERVE with compassion in every interaction.

Making the decision to relocate (especially to another state) can have many hidden stressors. It doesn’t, however, have to leave you stressed out during this exciting time of your life. There are ways to prepare for the move that will ensure a smooth transition; here are 5 simple tips to make your relocation process easy, and allow you to keep your sanity:

1. Basic Paperwork Saves Headaches:
Make a chart of every utility that you will need to cancel in your current location, and a separate list of each utility that will need to be connected in your soon-to-be new home. Include contact information (websites and phone numbers) and pertinent dates. Also, make a note to change your address no less than 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled move date. Remembering this step will prevent you from the headache of lost mail, misdirected information, and confusion.
2. To Hire a Moving Company:
Many people find it easiest to simply hire a moving company to come in and pack and move all of their possessions. While this can be a cost-effective tradeoff for your time, be aware that there can also be some pitfalls to hiring strangers to move your household. Hidden costs, odd rules, and impersonal approach to handling your families’ valuables are just some of the things to consider as reasons against letting a moving company do your heavy lifting–still, you can’t argue that not having to box things up late into the night does sound like a dream come true. Only you can decide which option is best for your case. Elliot Health System can assist in making recommendations if you are considering this option.

3. …Or not (Using Your Friends’ Help Without Losing Friends):
If the risks of a moving company are too great, asking friends and family to help in this daunting task is always an excellent (and usually free!) way to get assistance. It is important to remember that you want to maintain good relationships after the moving date. Using their help without losing your friends depends on you keeping in mind that their time and resources are just as valuable as yours. Use their time wisely and efficiently. Also, keep them from being hungry and thirsty–even if it’s just takeout granola bars and bottles of water, a fed friend is a happy helper.

4. Stay Organized and Clean:
Staying organized is as easy as labeling accurately (maybe even keeping a running list of what items are in which box), wrapping efficiently (plastic wrap does wonders for holding smaller objects together), and maintaining a system that works for you (do your research, there are plenty of options available for every personality type). One final thought: whether you are renting or selling, it is critical that your old living space is left cleaned and tidy. This is not only a matter of respect, but can often be the difference between getting your deposit back or not.

5. Relax:
Obstacles will reveal themselves. This simplest advice may be the best of all. Don’t allow the bumps along the way to cause you to lose sight of the fun in the journey. Becoming a part of the Elliot Health System is an adventure waiting to happen!

If you haven’t already considered a career with Elliot Health System, you can check out our open positions below.

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