10 Top Reasons for Physicians to Move to Manchester, NH

Manchester New Hampshire

Manchester is northern New England’s hidden gem. As the largest city in New Hampshire, it offers world-class dining, skiing, arts, and culture. From its settlement in 1722, New Hampshire’s Queen City has gone from a renowned mill town to one of the nation’s best and most affordable metropolises.

1. Central Location

One of the main reasons to move to Manchester is its central location within New Hampshire and northern New England. You can easily road trip to the neighboring states of Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont, and Boston is less than an hour’s drive away.

2. Doorway to Nature

Manchester is also central to New England’s natural attractions, including nearby Uncanoonuc Mountains, the more distant White Mountains, and Atlantic seacoast. The city itself contains around 900 acres of beaches, pools, playgrounds, and other park lands, including sailing and running at popular Lake Massabesic.

3. Fun in the Snow

With around 60 inches of annual snowfall, the best approach to winter in south-central New Hampshire is to enjoy the white stuff. Follow locals to McIntyre Ski Area for skiing and snowboarding. For a winter getaway, head to the White Mountains, and enjoy some of the nation’s best skiing, tubing, hiking, and other activity areas.

4. Accessible Transportation

Interstates 93, 293, and the F.E. Everett Turnpike make it easy to get around – both in the city and around the region. The city’s Transit Authority provides bus service, and major airlines run through Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. A commuter rail is even expected in the near future.

5. Arts for All

The city’s arts scene is on the rise, as shown on the trolley-based Open Doors Manchester tour. The world-class Currier Art Museum cannot be missed, including New England’s only public Frank Lloyd Wright House. Alternatively, head out on your own, and sample the city’s poetry at Slam Free or Die.

6. Fantastic Food

Head to the local Farmers Market to experience fresh meat, produce, and baked goods from June through October. Even during the colder months, this city offers a surprising range of cuisines, including some of the best Nepalese, Mexican, and Brazilian food in New England.

7. Booming Breweries

The Granite State has a growing reputation for craft brewing, and Manchester is home to some of New England’s best breweries and pubs. For instance, Strange Brew Tavern has received acclaim from Esquire Magazine and others for its 100 plus draft beers and delicious pub grub.

8. Educational Opportunities

Each year, the 11 academic institutions in Manchester bring in around 8,000 students. They can choose between Granite State College, Southern New Hampshire University, or New Hampshire Institute of Art, among others. Meanwhile, residents enjoy the many events and opportunities that these schools bring to the city.

9. A Healthcare Capital

Opportunities for healthcare professionals abound in Manchester. In particular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that Central New Hampshire has a high concentration of healthcare jobs and some of the highest wages in the country.

10. High Quality of Life

Manchester has consistently ranked among the USA’s top places to live. This is due to low crime rates, strong transportation, and growing technologically-oriented economy. The city is also one of fastest-growing and most affordable places to live, according to CNN Money.

Manchester provides all the benefits of living in the big city with the charms of a small town. From vacations at the beach to getaways in the mountains, you can experience the best that New England has to offer in this growing metropolis.

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Why Manchester, NH is Attracting Top Physician Talent

Manchester is Attracting Top Physician Talent

Physicians have options. 

With the country in the throes of a physician shortage, jobs are plentiful in almost all specialties, clinics, hospitals and parts of the country. 

So why are so many medical doctors making their way to Manchester, NH?

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, there are nearly 1,900 primary care physicians and more than 2,000 specialists actively practicing medicine in New Hampshire–and most of them can be found working in Manchester. 

Here’s a look at why Manchester, NH, is such an appealing place to work for top physician talent from across the country:


Most physicians don’t practice medicine for the money, but compensation matters. In New Hampshire, the average physician compensation is about $300,000, according to a recent online article that ranked the top states in which to be a physician. 

That’s more, on average, than physicians are paid in Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. 

In addition, physicians in Manchester get to keep a larger share of their earnings because the state has no tax on wages. 

Quality of Life

There is a lot to love about Manchester. It’s the state’s economic, social and cultural hub. With 110,000 people, it’s big enough to offer exceptional entertainment offerings yet small enough to allow physicians to play important roles in the overall health of their community. 

In fact, Manchester physicians are a big reason New Hampshire consistently ranks at or near the top of “quality of life” lists. According to stayworkplay, New Hampshire is the second healthiest state in the country. And Manchester — the state’s largest city — is home to more physicians than any other community in “the Granite State.”

In addition, it’s safe, affordable and business-friendly

This all adds up to a high quality of life

Location, Location, Location

It has been said that location is everything when it comes to buying a house — and Manchester, NH, has an ideal location

It’s just a short drive from some of the country’s premiere cities as well as the ocean, mountains and lakes. 

It’s 53 miles from Boston and about a five-hour drive from New York City. The Atlantic Coast is less than an hour to the east and the brilliant White Mountains and Lakes Region can be reached in just 90 minutes. 

Physicians who want to be near the action or the opportunity to escape love Manchester’s location in the heart of New England

Stability, Support and a Focus on the Future 

With so many changes taking place in the healthcare industry, many physicians are seeking stability and support–both of which are abundant at Manchester’s hospitals, clinics and specialty care centers. 

Manchester healthcare systems have been consistently recognized as “HealthCare’s Most Wired” hospitals in the country by Hospitals & Health Networks magazine. They have been recognized by Nurses Magazine as some of the top places for nurses to work — and every physician wants to work with happy nurses. And they have been awarded the Press Ganey certificate for increasing patient satisfaction. 

This type of stability, support and focus on building a brighter future for physicians, nurses, other employees and patients make hospitals in Manchester great places for physicians to work. 


Manchester is one of those communities that truly allows physicians to use the full array of their expanded functions. 

It’s large enough to need trauma, cancer and urology centers, but small enough so that it’s largest hospital is a community hospital

This allows physicians to truly get to treat and care for patients who might otherwise be sent to specialty centers or seen only by specialists. 

Opportunity knocks often for physicians who practice in Manchester, NH. 

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Historical Manchester, New Hampshire: The Top 5 Places to Know and Go

Manchester, New Hampshire

Native Americans used to call it Namaoskeag in honor of the fish that are so bountiful in the nearby rivers and ocean. Today it’s considered the “business capital” of New Hampshire, home to high-tech companies specializing in aerospace engineering and electronics.

It’s been called “plucky” for its ability to bounce back and move forward after economic downturns–but it has never forgotten its storied past. 

It’s Manchester, New Hampshire, and it’s a great place to live, work and play. 

Manchester’s origins date back to the 1700s, when colonists settled the area and began turning it into a manufacturing powerhouse. Over time, it transformed into a textile mill town, an East Coast epicenter of innovation and an axis of artistic expression.

If you ever find yourself with a few free hours in Manchester, lose yourself in these five fabulous places to know and go.

1) Take a little stroll down memory lane

There was a time in the early 1900s when Manchester was one of the nation’s premiere places for textiles. Today, you can take a look at what it may have looked like thanks to the SEE Science Center’s LEGO Millyard Project

According to the center, the display is the world’s largest permanent LEGO installation. The 55:1-scale, 3-million-brick project pays homage to Manchester’s heritage and gives you a little look at what downtown Manchester used to look like. 

2) Appreciate organic architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most well-respected and controversial architects of all time. His designs introduced Americans to modern, “organic architecture” that helped houses break free from the constricts of Victorian design. 

While his design principles were borne in the Midwest, he did design one house that wound up being built in New England–the Zimmerman House, which is owned and operated by an art gallery and widely considered to be a work of art in itself. 

3) Watch the wild salmon swim

Native Americans called Manchester “Namaoskeag,” which translates to “good fishing place.” Today, the city’s rivers continue to produce bountiful opportunities to enjoy and appreciate wild salmon, carp and shad.

All three species of fish can be found at the Amoskeag Fishways throughout May and June. That’s when they jump upriver on the cement “fish ladder.” Stop by the award-winning environmental education center, which is located in the heart of Manchester on the Merrimack River, and enjoy interactive exhibits as well as the excitement of the wild salmon swimming upstream. 

4) Get in touch with your wild side

It’s rare in the United States to find an outdoor oasis in the heart of an urban area. But that’s exactly what Dorrs Pond offers. 

This 25-acre fresh-water jewel is surrounded by tall trees and well-maintained trails, allowing you to get in touch with your wild side all year long. When the temperature drops and the pond’s water freezes, you can take part in some ice skating–a Manchester tradition that dates back nearly a century. 

5) Catch and up-and-coming comedian

Manchester is a funny place. If it weren’t, how else would you explain the fact that several of today’s top comedians cut their teeth in the city’s comedy clubs. 

Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers and Mike O’Malley all grew up in New Hampshire and got their start in Manchester’s comedy clubs. That’s a pretty impressive fact for a city with a population of about 110,000 people.

See who else might soon be starring on the big screen by stopping by Headliners Comedy Club, where comedians from across the country–and up and down the New England coast–try to follow in the funny footsteps of those who came before them.  

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