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10 Reasons Living Better is Easier in New Hampshire

New Hampshire“Walkin’ barefoot in your sands, or a clear blue mountain stream, leaves my troubles far away or at least that’s how it seems.” 

These lyrics from the Brownie McIntosh-penned “Oh, New Hampshire (you’re my home)” capture the essence of why living better is easier in the Granite State. 

While most people know that New Hampshire is home of the first primary of each U.S. presidential election cycle and that its motto is “live free or die.” But, the state truly offers something for everyone–from outdoor enthusiasts to foodies to healthcare professionals. 

Here’s a look at 10 reasons why living better is easier in New Hampshire:

1. Keeping more of your hard-earned money

If there is one thing people in New Hampshire value, it’s hard work (and the fruits of their labor). There are only nine states in the country that do not collect income tax–and the Granite State is one of them. It’s also one of five states without a statewide sales tax. 

2. Quality health care

When it comes to health care, New Hampshire consistently ranks among the best states in the country. U.S. News & World Report puts the Granite State at number 2. Bankrate puts it at number 4. 

3. It’s a great place for kids

Each year, Kids Count evaluates how well children live in each of the country’s states based on economic well-being, education, health, and family and community. Each year New Hampshire ranks at or near the top. Yes, New Hampshire is a great place for kids. 

4. The great outdoors

If you like to hunt, fish, hike, bike, ski or swim, you are sure to find a place to do it in New Hampshire. It’s got mountains, forests, lakes, streams and the ocean all within driving distance. How many other states can make the same claim? 

5. Big cities and small towns

New Hampshire is home to both big cities and bucolic little towns. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds–from world-class entertainment and nightlife to quiet tranquility. 

6. Safety

If you’re looking for a state where you can feel safe walking down the street or playing with your kids in a park (and who isn’t?), you’ve found a safe haven in New Hampshire. It consistently ranks among the safest states in America, with low violent and property crime rates and communities of people that truly look out for one another. 

7. Four seasons of fun

From sensational spring wildflower blooms to summers that aren’t sweltering to fantastic fall foliage to winters washed in wonderful white snow, New Hampshire delivers four seasons of fun. The weather doesn’t ever seem to get too extreme, and you and your family won’t likely ever experience a hurricane, earthquake or tornado. 

8. Cost of living

There is a direct correlation between living better and low costs of living. Manchester, which is New Hampshire’s largest city, is one of the most inexpensive cities in the country in which to live, according to Forbes

9. The food

If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love the offerings in New Hampshire. With is proximity to the ocean, seafood is plentiful. And if it’s comfort food you seek, you are sure to enjoy the traditional meals of the New England’s Puritan settlers, which include baked beans, baked turkey and apple pie. The state is also home to Black Trumpet, which is regarded as one of the top restaurants in New England

10. Overall quality of life

When you add it all up–the economics, adventure, healthcare, safety and more–you have the highest quality of life in the country.  

One of the best aspects of New Hampshire is the variety of outdoor adventures it provides. Download our free guide to start planning your next weekend excursion.

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10 Fun New England Winter Activities for Families

New England Winter Activities

It can be tempting to stay indoors during the colder months, but New England winter activities will help you enjoy this awe-inspiring wonderland. From hiking and skiing to riding a sleigh, these family-friendly activities show it’s never too cold to enjoy New England.

1. Take a Hike

This region’s hiking trails are well-known for spanning a huge variety of landscapes. From mountain ranges to verdant forests and stunning coasts, New England’s trails are some of the most unique in the world. Discover New England offers a list of top trails, including the epic Appalachian Trail.

2. Swoosh through the Snow

Take to the slopes for one of the most popular New England winter activities. You can choose from various resorts with novice to advanced and family-friendly skiing or snowboarding. Cross-country skiing offers a more relaxed adventure, including night trips under the stars.

3. Go for a Skate

Many cities offer free or inexpensive ice skating at local rinks around the holidays. In contrast, Nestlenook Farm in Jackson, New Hampshire offers three acres of Victorian skate park. Bundle up, and take the whole family for a nostalgic afternoon, ending with piping hot cups of cocoa.

4. Ride a Sled

When the next snow day hits, take the whole family for a day of gleefully speeding downhill on your local sledding hill. The more adventurous can carve down mountains in a Mad River Rocket at Clearwater Sports in Vermont, though such New England winter activities are not for the faint of heart.

5. Go Tubing

Snow tubing can seem fairly strange at first, but sliding downhill on specially-groomed slopes is fun for children of all ages. No previous experience or special equipment is required, though some facilities offer night tubing or special programs for very young children.

6. Tour on Snowmobile

Exploring sparkling white snowscapes by snowmobile allows you and your family to explore breathtaking areas that might not be accessible otherwise. Options abound for tours and trails, with Maine boasting the most snowmobile trails of any state in the Eastern USA, at almost 15,000 miles.

7. Snowshoeing

This sport is one of the simpler New England winter activities for families. Many resorts offer rentals and guided tours for traipsing through peaceful winter landscapes. Vermont’s Trapp Family Lodge situates snowshoeing among spectacular views and Old World architecture.

8. Fish on Ice

Just as fly-fishing takes over New England’s lakes and ponds in warmer months, ice fishing dominates winter. You can have a more authentic experience of pulling fish out of the ice or take a guided trip with a heated fishing house. Consider taking classes from local, state Fish and Game Departments.

9. Dash through the Snow

Taking a sleigh ride is just as romantic as it sounds, especially when you have a warm hearth to return to. Bring the whole family, and the trip becomes a brisk adventure through a winter wonderland. The most famous place for sleigh rides is New Hampshire’s historic Mount Washington Hotel.

10. Mush Some Mutts

For a unique experience, head to Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel in New Hampshire, and can take your family on a dog-sledding tour, during which you’ll meet the dogs and work with the team. Sunny Grange Bed and Breakfast also offers practical classes on harnessing and anchoring dogs.

From skiing to snowmobiling and so much more, New Hampshire winter activities are well worth braving the cold. The Travel Channel offers helpful tips, including adult options like zip-lining, ice climbing, and winter camping. Whatever you choose, bundle up, plan ahead, and be prepared for the adventures that await you.

Are you craving more outdoor adventures? Check out our guide!

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Why Southern New Hampshire is the Perfect Place for Physicians

Southern New Hampshire

There are a lot of reasons to love Southern New Hampshire

People who live in the Granite State like the abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Tourists talk about the quaint towns and brilliant fall colors. 

Physicians who call Southern New Hampshire home have plenty of other reasons to claim that the area is the perfect place to live, practice medicine and play. 

Here’s a look at three reasons why physicians love living there:

Engaged, insured patients

If national studies are to be trusted, the people who live and work in New Hampshire care about two things that directly effect physicians: education and health care.

A 2015 report published online ranked New Hampshire as the seventh best-educated state in the country, with more than 92 percent of adults having at least a high school diploma and 35 percent achieving at least a bachelor’s degree. 

People in the Granite State also value their health. According to an analysis done by Medscape, more than 60 percent of the state’s population has employer-sponsored insurance coverage, which is much higher than the national average. In addition, only about 10 to 12 percent of the population lacks health insurance. 

Well-educated, well-insured patients often make the best patients. 


If you are a physician interested in innovating and working to improve the quality of the healthcare industry, Southern New Hampshire is the perfect place for you. 

Hospitals in the area are involved in some innovative and incredibly interesting areas of medicine, including aeronautics and aviation medicine, child protection, improving pre-hospital healthcare and more.You don’t have to live in a large, urban area or work at a large research or teaching hospital to find opportunities to innovate. 

You can do that at a community hospital in Southern New Hampshire, where you’ll be challenged professionally and enjoy an incredibly high quality of life. 

Quality of life

There are two primary ways to measure the quality of life offered by a particular city, state or region. You can ask those who live in the area or you can refer to studies that measure such things as family well-being, tax climate, health, per capita income and education. 

Whatever your preferred method, you are likely to draw the same conclusion about Southern New Hampshire: It offers an unmatched quality of life. 

New Hampshire consistently ranks among the best places to live in the United States. It has ranked as the safest state in the country. It has delivered the lowest poverty rate. It is in the top 10 for several metrics, including per capita income, tax climate and the overall health of its residents. 

And, it has ranked as the number one most livable state in the country. 

All of these variables are measurable and easily compared to those of other states. But, perhaps the best endorsement of life in Southern New Hampshire comes from those who call it home and rave about the lakes, the wilderness, the hiking, the ocean, the lack of a sales tax and all of the charm and charisma that comes from living in a state with the motto “Live free or die.” 

Yes, there are many reasons to love New Hampshire–especially if you are a physician.

Would you like to find out more about what sort of adventures are available to you in and around Southern New Hampshire?

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5 Beautiful Hospital Locations


Many hospitals are located in pleasant surroundings in or near resort areas throughout the United States. These locations can be in the desert, mountains, by lakes or the sea. The medical centers offer excellent facilities for physicians and medical staff who want to live in beautiful hospital locations with opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

  1. Palm Springs, California

This hospital is located in the beautiful Coachella Valley where the desert meets the mountains. Palm Springs and neighboring communities of Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Palm Desert and La Quinta offer golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, great shopping and dining are all close by. The weather is warm, dry and clear.

The famous Dwight Eisenhower Medical Center is located in Rancho Mirage in the heart of the Palm Springs area on 80 acres of land donated by Bob and Dolores Hope in 1966. Although the not-for-profit hospital was was named for our 34th President, its patients include an impressive list of entertainment personalities. The Betty Ford Center is adjacent to the hospital. In addition, the medical center has three urgent care facilities located around Palm Springs, La Quinta and Rancho Mirage.

  1. Vail, Colorado

Skiing and snowboarding are great winter sports options at nearby Vail, Breckenridge and Copper Mountain. Mountain biking, camping, hiking and fishing are off-season activities that are offered high in the Rockies. The views are stunning and the air is crisp and cool at this 8,000 foot elevation.

Vail Valley Medical Center is in one of several beautiful hospital locations in Colorado’s resort areas. The Vail Valley Medical Center specializes in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine, pulmonary and cardiac care. The Shaw Cancer Center is also part of the facility.

  1. Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks has something for everyone all year round. You will probably like this area if you enjoy golf, fishing, boating and other water sports. The shoreline features marinas, elegant mansions, family homes, weekend cabins and campgrounds.

Lake Regional Medical Center in Osage Beach, Missouri is another of several beautiful hospital locations. This facility offers a hospital, clinic and emergency care services.

  1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a popular vacation destination about 25 miles north of Miami with warm Atlantic beaches and canals on the Intracoastal Waterway. Boating, fishing, swimming, tennis and enjoying the sun are full-time activities. You will find incredible dining and shopping along with the Port Everglades cruise ship terminal easily at this location.  

The Broward Health Medical Center and Chris Everett Children’s Hospital is located in Fort Lauderdale with facilities in other areas of Broward County. Tennis star Chris Everett has raised millions of dollar for the children’s hospital, a leading regional pediatric care center.

  1. Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester is located in a scenic area with fishing, boating, hiking, skiing and snowboarding all within a short distance from town. The Pat’s Peak Ski Area is nearby with a snow sports school for children and adults. New Hampshire is a land of mountains and lakes and a seashore that appeals to sports people year-round.

Elliot Hospital in Manchester is a major medical center in the area with emergency care and clinics. This hospital includes a trauma center and rehabilitation facilities. The Elliot Health System is the largest provider of health care services in Southern New Hampshire.

These are just five of many beautiful hospital locations throughout the country. Physicians and other qualified medical personnel should definitely try to explore job opportunities at regional medical facilities that offer pleasant surroundings.

Want to learn more about opportunities with Elliot Health System?

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Four Essential Career Search Tactics for Medical Residents

essential career search tactics

Your medical residency experience has provided you with a wide range of skills and knowledge. You have earned the leverage that comes with becoming an expert in your field. However, there are a set of vital skills that you will need to effectively use in the very near future if you want to find a position that fits you well. There are four essential career search tactics for medical residents:

1. Leverage the resources available to you
It is common for second and third year residents to become singularly focused on their daily duties, and justifiably so. When possible, you should take the opportunity to pass some of the time-consuming tasks related to a post-residency job search on to the resources your school, medical center, or associated organizations. Look to the associations and groups that specialize in your discipline. These groups have job boards that only include positions that fit your specialization and also can be essential networking environments.

2. Learn the Market (In-Hospital vs. Private Practice)
For medical residents, there are two main avenues for entry into the job market: via a private practice or via an in-hospital position. You may find it interesting that electing an in-hospital position may set you apart from your competition.  According to a 2014 survey conducted by Merritt Hawkins, only 36% of third year residents chose “Hospital Employee” as the practice setting they would be most open to. The trend over the past decades has been for physicians to prefer small, privately run clinics. While there are many market forces that affecting this trend, being open to a, hospital setting may give you more options in the long run. Learn how a physician’s rights and duties differ between a hospital position and a private practice (partnership, solo, multi-specialty, single-specialty, out-patient clinic). 

3. Narrow your Geographic Focus
It is important to determine early on in your search to clearly define the geographic location in which you want to practice, then take the time research hospitals and practices in that location. It is wasteful to spend any effort on finding hospitals or practices that match your profession aspirations but do not have a presence in the geographic location you are limited to. In the early stages of your research, you will also want to determine whether a large metropolitan area or a rural setting. By honestly, systematically defining your criteria, it will help narrow your geographic options.

4. Contact hospital recruiters directly
One advantageous career search tactics for Medical Residents is to leverage in-hospital recruiters. A hospital operates on a much larger scale than a small, private practice and will have a Human Resources division committed exclusively to recruiting talented physicians. The hospital recruiter can be an extremely helpful ally, especially in large network of hospital and clinics, and you can often learn of new openings at that hospital before they are made public. A hospital recruiter may have information about ongoing, large scale research projects (more likely at University teaching hospitals or medical centers). The research project may not yet be completed and therefore not yet publicized or otherwise made public. 

Elliot Health System is interested is interested in physicians who want to be a part of a healthcare organization focused on quality and work-life balance. Find out what EHS has to offer you today.

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Enjoy Outdoor Adventures in New Hampshire

outdoor adventures in new hampshire

New Hampshire is justly renowned for its natural beauty and for the quietude that it affords its residents. Nevertheless, the Granite State also provides a lot of outdoor adventure for anyone knowing where to look. Here are some suggestions for outdoor adventures in New Hampshire for the more intrepid folks out there:

Ski a little – or a lot! – They are not called the White Mountains for nothing. New Hampshire offers some of the best skiing “powder” in the East. Novices and families should consider the relatively easy “green circles” at Attitash Peak while experts can definitively test their skills on the “black diamond” runs of Wildcat. Don’t miss it – skiing the “Cat” is definitely a thrilling experience.

Visit motorcycle week in Laconia – Every year since 1923, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts has ridden the renowned Gypsy Tour of New Hampshire. Originally a rally for the hardcore motorcyclists of the early 20th century, this nine-day event is now attended by riders from every state in the nation. If interested, look for it to begin or end on Father’s Day.

Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail – Running from its highest point at Grafton Notch in the Green Mountains of Maine to the foothills around the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont, the entirety of the Mahoosuc Trail in New Hampshire is certainly a hard road to travel for any but the most dedicated hikers. Still, portions of it can be navigated by the most unskilled novices on a day trip.

Flyfish the Great North Woods – As its name belies, this fishing spot is located in the most northern part of the state. Admittedly, it can get a little cold in the most northern reaches of the state but the fishing is truly phenomenal so, wade in the river, stare intently at your line, and try to maintain a perfect drift. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Ride the rails of Mt. Washington – The Mount Washington cog railway is not your average train ride. Instead of a simple cross-country trip that traverses level terrain, this train ride ascends up the side of Mt. Washington for over a half-mile. The views are spectacular and the ride itself – the second steepest train ride in the world – is also thrilling especially if you are not comfortable with heights.

Take a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee – Whether you choose a relatively tame “foliage tour” where you just take in the scenery or opt for a more romantic sunset cruise, there are any number of excellent cruise options in the New Hampshire area. In particular, the 70-Foot replica turn-of-the-century paddleboat, the Belle, plies the waters of the lake around the Wolfeboro area.

We are proponents of work-life balance and would love to tell you more about the area and the physician opportunities at Elliot Health System. If you’d like a visual list of these ideas that you can share with friends and family, download our free resource below. 

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Start Your Outdoor Adventures in New England

Outdoor Adventures in New England

Making a move into the heart of the Manchester, New Hampshire area has many appeals. There is a rich and vibrant history here to be experienced. There are plenty of outdoor experiences that are local or within a couple of hours distance. There is so much to offer in this region that it would be beyond description to fit it all here. But, here are some great outdoor adventures in New England to consider for those who have a great love of being active. 

Rip Roaring Fun on a Zip Line
Imagine hanging free with your arms and legs stretched out as you glide through the air speeding along a cable at high speed. This exciting activity gets you above the tree canopy for a grand view of the countryside. 

The Bretton Woods Canopy Tour is one of the most intensive and exciting zip line outdoor adventures in New England. This tour near Mount Washington is the longest zip line in New England, and it operates year round. Travel time from Manchester is about an hour and a half by car. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Adventures
The New England states are the foundation of American skiing and the origin of snowboarding. There are many ski resorts throughout the entire region offering some of the best skiing in the whole country. So whether you want to make a drop down a black diamond chute or mosey along the bunny slope, there are plenty of locations for you to choose. 

New Hampshire – Features ten excellent ski resorts upstate from Manchester. 
Maine – Sports two resorts, which boast being open longer than all other New England resorts. 
Vermont– Features not only the most 2000′ vertical slopes in the region but more miles of cross-country trails than any other ski region. 
New York – While technically not considered part of New England, this part of upstate New York is not more than a few hours west of New Hampshire and offers 27 great resorts, including Lake Placid, home of the Winter Olympics in 1980.

Walking and Hiking New England
Perhaps the most relaxing way to experience some outdoor adventures in New England during time off is taking breathtaking walks or some trail hiking. Head up to the White Mountains and choose from a variety of scenic trails that vary in difficulty from easy to difficult. 

For a little more adventure consider the breathtaking views along the Appalachian Trail. New Hampshire provides 161 miles of in-state trail with more miles above the tree line than anywhere else on this 2,200-mile trail that spans from Georgia to Maine. 

Cycling Near Manchester
If you prefer some outdoor adventures in New England, that is closer to home then cycling the moderate difficulty 26 mile Rockingham Recreational Trail from Manchester to the village of Newfield. 

If you want something a little easier and flat that the whole family can enjoy then consider taking a day along the Northern Rail Trail, which meanders, through farms and past ponds. 

New England Beaches
Perhaps you would like to pursue a more relaxing day off by heading to the beaches along the New England coastline. Although New Hampshire has only 18 miles of shoreline along the coast, Hampton Beach State Park is a popular destination. Of course, there are many other beaches such as Martha’s Vinyard, Cape Cod National Seashore, or Nantucket. 

Discover New England has many other outdoor activities to consider, making Manchester such a beautiful place to live and play, and working for Elliot Health System a unique opportunity for employment. 

Are you still hungry for more adventure ideas? 

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