The Best Jobs for Doctors

best jobs for doctors

One of the many advantages of working in the medical field is the fact that there are so many career paths to choose from. Right now a list of the best jobs for doctors includes jobs that pay well, are in high demand, and are challenging.

The field of family medicine
According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, salaries in family medicine are on the rise. On average, family physicians can expect to bring in $195,000 per year. That’s a full 10% rise compared to stats from the previous year – and shows the fifth highest growth compared to all specialties.

Salary isn’t the only reason that the field of family medicine is one of the best jobs for doctors. According to the article linked above, 73% of physicians working in family medicine said they’re satisfied with their career – which is the highest of any of the specialties polled.

Emergency medicine
The American College of Emergency Physicians completed a survey of their own members and discovered that they make an average of $301,274 per year. This survey covers more than 1,000 physicians in all states and Washington D.C. About 70% of those polled were staff physicians and the other 30% were directors of emergency departments.

Job growth is another factor that makes emergency medicine one of the best jobs for doctors. 66% of the emergency physicians polled said their departments had hired more physicians in the last year and 56% said they believed their department would hire additional physicians within the next year. The stats vary based on which state you’re looking at but consider that 82% of hospitals in the Northeast have fast tracked emergency physicians.

Internal medicine
According to Medscape, internal medicine salaries vary greatly. For example, the mean salary in this specialty is $185,000 but more than 10% of those in the field earn more than $300,000 a year. Of those surveyed, 20% had received a raise within the previous year which shows this is specialty with potential for salary growth.

More internists say they’re happy with their jobs than those who say they’re not happy – and the percentage of physicians satisfied with this specialty has risen by more than 10% in just three years. As with any career, not everyone is happy but these stats make it clear that conditions are improving.

Internal medicine is also a great job for physicians who’d prefer to spend the majority of their time seeing patients instead of filing paperwork: The greatest percentage of those surveyed said they spend 30 – 40 hours per week seeing patients.

The salaries and roles of each job listed will vary based on where a candidate lives, their experience, and a variety of other factors. However, these are the best jobs for doctors when average salary and job growth are compared.

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