Top Healthcare Apps Physicians Can Recommend to Patients

Top Healthcare Apps

The internet is a source of both reliable and unreliable information. Each day, new websites appear out of cyberspace, many offering healthcare tips, directives and even diagnosis. 

This can cause problems for patients and providers alike. Patients who take healthcare advice from anonymous online authors, physicians are often asked to address the problems that arise from self-diagnosis, self-treatment and lack of treatment. 

The problem could be solved if patients knew which online resources were reliable and how to use them. With that in mind, the following is a list of the top healthcare apps for patients.


This simple app serves as a pharmaceutical reference for patients. It allows users to search for names of specific drugs to learn how they should be properly taken. It also provide reliable information for treating common, non-life-threatening conditions ranging from head lice to fevers. 

Micromedex is available for both IOS and Android systems

Red Cross First Aid

The Red Cross First Aid app is one of the top healthcare apps due to its usefulness in addressing everyday accidents and ailments. It provides easy-to-use instructions for dealing with everything from asthma attacks to kitchen burns to broken bones. In addition, the app offers safety tips for preparing for and dealing with natural disasters. 

Red Cross First Aid is available for both IOS and Android systems


The MyChart app allows patients to manage their health care from their smartphone or tablet. Users can access their medical records, send non-emergency messages to their clinics, schedule office visits and request refills for their prescriptions. 

MyChart is available for both IOS and Android systems

First Derm

Many people panic when they see a rash or bump on their skin. First Derm allows them to confidentially connect with a professional dermatologist who will look at images of the area in question within 48 hours. If the dermatologist determines that the condition requires medical attention, the users can get directions to nearby pediatricians, dermatologists and pharmacies. 

First Derm is available for both IOS and Android systems


Scheduling an appointment with a nearby physician has never been easier, thanks in large part to ZocDoc. The app provides a list of physicians within users’ insurance networks as well as verified reviews from other patients. Users can see open appointment times for physicians in their areas, book appointments and complete paperwork in advance of their office visits. 

ZocDoc is available for both IOS and Android systems


Many Americans struggle to manage their medications. CareZone helps make the process easier by allowing users to create lists of their medications, dosages and schedules in an easy-to-use format. Users can also set daily reminders, share information with their physicians about how medications are performing and store important insurance information in one location. 

CareZone is available for both IOS and Android systems


Of all the healthcare websites currently being used, perhaps none is more popular than WebMD. Now the website is making its information available via the WebMD app, which has quickly become one of the top healthcare apps due to its reputation and ease of use. In addition to providing information, the app offers users the opportunity to create medication schedules and reminders, search for nearby physicians and pharmacies, and set personal healthcare goals. 

The WebMD app is available for both IOS and Android systems

According to a survey conducted by Makovsky/Kelton, 66 percent of Americans are willing to use a mobile healthcare app to schedule gather information, schedule appointments and make decisions about their well-being. Physicians can help ensure that patients are getting reliable information by recommending the top healthcare apps. 

We know that physicians need resources as well, so we’ve put together a handout just for you. It’s free and you can download it here. 

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