Top PANRE Exam Tips for Physician Assistants

PANRE Exam Tips

Physician Assistants, you should plan for the day of the PANRE exam as if you are going on a vacation. These PANRE exam tips will help you prepare for your testing day like a pro.

* Have a backup plan if a babysitter is needed. 
* Check your mode of transportation to make sure you will arrive at the destination on time. 
* Pack your lunch, snacks, and daily medications the night before the exam. 
* Review the practice test you purchased and passed the day before the exam.

Here are a few PANRE exam tips that can save you time and money.

Arriving Early For The Exam
* The recommendation is to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled exam at the test center.
* Showing up late is not an option. You don’t want to pay out more money and re-apply because you were late.

You Must Prove Who You Are
There is a mandatory list of procedures that you have to follow in order to take the exam. For instance, you must list your name exactly as it is spelled on your personal identification on the test too.
* You must have a clear picture ID that looks like you. 
* Your name must be signed and printed on another ID.

Please keep in mind that you must undergo certain registration procedures such as:
* Your fingerprints will be scanned and documented.
* You must have your picture taken. 

Personal Lockers Are Mandatory
According to the NCCPA, “No personal belongings (i.e., brimmed hats, bookbags, handbags, books, notes, study materials, calculators, watches of any kind, electronic paging devices, recording or filming devices, radios, cellular phones, outerwear, or food and beverages) are allowed in the testing room, but you’ll be assigned a locker to store them in. Upon reasonable suspicion, personal belongings and their contents may be subject to inspection. Any materials that are, or reasonably appear to be, a reproduction of any NCCPA examination materials will be confiscated.”
The PANRE Test
You will be given a chance to take the practice test for 15 minutes before the initial exam begins.
* You will become familiar with how to sign in, select and change your answers on their computers. 
* The exam is four hours in length.
* There are four parts to the exam with a total of 240 questions that are multiple choice.
* You are given sixty minutes to read and answer the sixty questions.
* The test will automatically shut down in sixty minutes. 

The Test Penalties
The following PANRE exam tips will help you to avoid costly mistakes.
* Take note of the time on your test monitor as well as when your 15-minute breaks begin and end. (Extra minutes will be deducted from your next session.)
* You’re not allowed to sign back in, so if you have extra time make sure to check the answers that gave you a bit of trouble or were left blank.

If you follow these PANRE exam tips, you should be fully prepared to pass with flying colors!

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