Why Doctors Should Use LinkedIn Regularly

Doctors Should Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one the most effective and under-appreciated social media tools. At over 200 million users, it is the most comprehensive professional network out there.

It isn’t just for entrepreneurs and business executives. Over a million doctors and other medical professionals use the site. There are specialized forums on medical topics. In short, LinkedIn is a low-energy, high-impact tool that could be the springboard to launch your online presence. Here are just some of the reasons why doctors should use LinkedIn.

Control your digital C.V.

You can expect most patients, doctors, hospitals and other professionals to Google you. Google search results are slowly replacing the traditional curriculum vitae.

LinkedIn is highly-rated by all search engines therefore it offers you the opportunity to control and curate your “digital C.V.” The more sections you complete, the more you will appear at the top of the search listings. Fill out your interests, professional history, awards, speaking engagements, publications and professional memberships. A comprehensive LinkedIn account allows you to partially control your online presence and push down unfavorable reviews, an inevitability in the modern economy.

As your LinkedIn becomes more robust, it will complement your marketability and professional profile. The more curated and organized your LinkedIn, the more it can connect you with professional opportunities like grants, jobs and speaking opportunities.

Brand yourself

The economy is evolving. Every smart marketing professional will tell you that branding is the key to success and standing out from the din. LinkedIn is the springboard to your brand. A brand is two things: your professional accomplishments / specialty and your approach to medicine.

Connect your blog to your LinkedIn, write content and share it with your network. Share and comment on interesting articles or journals. Report your latest publications and speaking engagements. The more you share on your LinkedIn, the more you become an authority and by extension a brand.

Create a running theme through your LinkedIn. Humanize it and connect it with how and why you practice medicine. This allows your network to know your brand both professionally and personally.

As your brand grows, so does your access to professional opportunities.It isn’t enough to be a decent surgeon, you must create a persona with which people will relate and remember you. LinkedIn is a low-risk, high-yield tool to build your brand and online presence.

Build and utilize a network

Unfortunately, modern professional life is still about who you know rather than what you know. As some say your network is your net-worth. The more you effectively brand yourself, the more you can leverage your network. A good network can expand your practice, connect you with other doctors and perhaps even lead to job opportunities.

As your network grows, so will you access to the collective knowledge of all those doctors. Concerned about joining a research group? Ask your connections. Joining a new hospital? Someone in your network may have the inside scoop.

Moreover you aren’t limited to your connections, join practice groups. These groups often have members from all over the world. These groups share the newest medical knowledge, job openings, speaking opportunities and more. If used properly, your network can become one of your most effective tools to grow and safeguard your practice and professional life.

LinkedIn expands your professional network to all over the world. A larger your network means more professional opportunities.

In conclusion

It will take a lot of initial legwork but LinkedIn can become one of the best tools to enhance your professional life. LinkedIn is a low-risk and high-impact tool that can serve as the springboard to launch and control your digital footprint. 

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