Why Physician Relocation to New Hampshire is Worth the Trip

Physician Relocation to New Hampshire

New Hampshire is 266 miles from New York City. You can catch a nonstop flight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and arrive in the Granite State just about two hours later. Making it to Manchester, New Hampshire, from the West Coast (or Europe) will takes just about half a day in a jet. 

But regardless of where your journey begins, one thing is for sure: It’s worth taking a trip to New Hampshire if you’re considering physician relocation. 

There are a lot of states across the United States that are suffering from physician shortages. So they’re rolling out the red carpet, putting their best feet forward and working hard to recruit doctors. 

But when it comes to relocating for your medical career, no other area of the country can compete with New Hampshire

Here’s a look at why taking the time to explore New Hampshire is worth the trip–no matter how far you have to travel:

For your finances

Medscape, the venerable online news-gathering organization focused on delivering the most accurate information possible to physicians, publishes an annual list of the best places to practice. 

Last year, only one Northeastern state made the cut in terms of physician compensation: New Hampshire. 

Medscape pointed out that the average compensation for doctors in the Granite State was $322,000, second in the entire country (behind North Dakota). New Hampshire also has the second-lowest cost of living, the lowest physician density in New England, no income tax and no sales tax. 

Add it all up, and physician relocation to New Hampshire makes a lot of sense for your finances. 

For your family

Of course finances are only one factor when it comes to choosing a new place to practice. All the money in the world won’t do you any good if your family isn’t safe, well-educated and comfortable. 

That’s another reason why New Hampshire is worth the trip. 

Stay Work Play is an organization with an agenda. It wants to encourage people to “stay in, come to, or boomerang back to New Hampshire.”

And there’s a good reason to consider their sales pitch: The quality of life in New Hampshire is among the best in the entire country.  

According to Stay Work Play, the state consistently ranks in the top three when eight different national quality of life rankings are compiled and considered. 

The criteria include high school graduation rates, family well-being, tax climate, health, livability and per capita income. 

These are all things that make moving to New Hampshire well worth the trip. 

For every physician

New Hampshire’s motto is “live free or die,” and the people who live, work and play in the state take it quite seriously. 

The state does things a little differently than most others in the country–and that’s a good thing for physicians. 

There is an innovative spirit that is part of the rich and creative tapestry of a state that touches the sea, stretches to the Canadian border, is full of forests, thriving cities, manufacturing, Fortune 500 companies and some of the most forward-thinking healthcare professionals in the world. 

The way that New Hampshire embraces innovation is just one of the reasons relocating to New Hampshire makes sense. 

It’s a place where anything is possible for physicians. It’s a place where hospitals and healthcare systems embrace technology, connect with their communities and receive national recognition for the way they care for patients and do business.

Whether you’re in the East, Midwest, West overseas, take the time to take a look at New Hampshire. 

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